Michael & Luisana

On May 20, 2011 a star-studded party was held at the PAN PACIFIC VANCOUVER for multi award-winning singer (and beloved Vancouver native) Michael Bublé and Luisana Lopilato, to celebrate the occasion of their wedding. The pair had been married a month earlier in Buenos Aires, Argentina where Luisana (“Lu”) is a famous actress, model and singer. The Vancouver celebration was hosted by Michael’s proud parents Amber and Lewis Bublé with the assistance of Event Planner Pat Rekert of IN ANY EVENT DESIGN. The following story is reprinted with permission from the event program which was given to guests at the party.

It was what appeared to be a typical, hot mid-summer evening in Buenos Aires on the 25th of November in the year 2008. Nothing special. But suddenly there was a moment—actually a series of moments—that would change the course of two lives. Two beautiful souls would find each other that summer evening. It happened in a flash, in a parking lot of all places. The parking lot of the Teatro Gran Rex, under the Argentinean sky. The stars above the parking lot would serve as witnesses. Michael Bublé was performing that evening (and the next) as part of his worldwide concert tour. For some unexplained reason, Michael picked up his head and looked far across the parking lot. “There was the most beautiful girl I’d ever seen in the world.” It was over in a second and he moved on, but he didn’t forget. What Michael did not know is that his good friend Susan Leon had taken note of the blonde beauty in the parking lot as well.

“There was something about her. I can’t even explain it,” she later told someone. “I knew that Michael had to meet her.” Susan asked a Warner Bros. Argentinean colleague (Diego) about her. “Invite that girl to the party after,” she told him.

The after-party for the Canadian singer was held at the Hotel Madero. Once there, Michael was asked, “Hey, do you want to meet the most famous actress in Argentina?”

“Why not?” he replied. And there she was again—the beautiful girl from the parking lot. Her name was Luisana Lopilato. “I was instantly in love with her,” confesses Michael.

And so it began. In a private room off of the main dining room, Luisana’s sister and friends (and Diego from Warner Bros.) would all help translate for Michael and Lu since they spoke different languages... a small but not insurmountable problem. They would spend hours that night talking. The next night, Lu came to the show again and they would spend more time together. Despite being millions of miles away from each other in the weeks and months that followed, the destiny that showed these two people belonged together would come more and more into focus.

“When did you know that Michael was the man you wanted to spend the rest of your life with?” a friend asked Lu. “Definitely when I met his family. I loved them and when I saw how important his family was to him, and how he acted with them, how much he loved them and how much they loved him. It is how I am with my family. That is when I knew for sure,” revealed Luisana. “And I love his sense of humour,” she added.

“What I love most about Lu is her compassion for all things... her love of all people, animals, everything. I have never met anyone who has a heart like hers,” Michael told a friend. “She busts my balls all the time but she is funnier than anybody I know.”

Luisana and Michael would actually be married in two ceremonies. The first one—a civil ceremony on March 31st, 2011 in Buenos Aires with their families in attendance—the two families united now into one.

The second ceremony would take place as the sun went down on Saturday evening, the 2nd of April, 2011. In a beautiful open field, surrounded by so many who loved the bride and groom, Michael came down the aisle with his mother, Amber and would wait for his beautiful bride at the altar with a look of joy on his face that none of his family and friends had ever seen before. His bride—that beautiful girl in the parking lot—would come down the aisle on the arm of her father, Eduardo. And they would be pronounced husband and wife.

A reception followed with serenades, toasts, joy beyond imagination, and wild dancing on a golden dance floor under huge chandeliers and mirrored disco balls. The party continued with days and nights of celebrating in Buenos Aires with family and friends.

Michael’s parents, Amber and Lewis, have gathered the nearest and dearest of Mr. and Mrs. Michael Bublé in the ultimate celebration of those two souls that found each other under that starry night in Buenos Aires. Let us all raise our glasses and toast to their future—and collectively wish for them all that they have dreamed could be possible.”

Vancouver decor company ART OF THE PARTY, under the direction of owner and principal designer Sandy Godfree handled the concept, decor, entertainment and many of the design details for what could easily be described as Vancouver’s party of the year!

The party was designed to be a lounge/standup concept. Every aspect was designed and customized starting with custom snow-white wall-to-wall carpeting (the doors of the ballroom had to be removed to install it). Then, furniture was considered. “In order to provide seating for 80% of the guests, a huge amount of lounge furniture was needed so we trucked in two semi-trailers from suppliers in Las Vegas and Los Angeles and had several pieces custom made,” says Godfree.

A thousand feet of flowing white drapes lined the ballroom and foyer walls as well as all the hallway areas. Custom-made white walls hung with ornate, white high-gloss mirrors were set around the room to add architectural detail; frame the bar, highlight the dance floor and some of the buffets. A custom-made upholstered bench was built around a specially-made, white high-gloss riser which held the center floral focal piece. The hallway was lined by high-back tufted settees arranged with ottomans, tufted and trimmed with Swarovski crystals.Opulent high back curved booth made great gathering spots in the foyer.

A collection of crystal candle globes, crystal lotus pillar holders and votives adorned all of the cocktail tables. Silver sequin, white and pink fur, and other pillows were added to the furniture.

Cast aluminum urns overflowed with massive arrangements of roses, hydrangeas, peonies and tulips, filling the center of the room. Oversized white lacquer vases holding incredible displays of decadent orchids lined the entry hallway. GRANVILLE ISLAND FLORIST designed all of the floral arrangements.



British Columbia, Vancouver

Pan Pacific Vancouver

Sweet Pea Photography

Cloud Nine Creative

Wedding Planner:
Pat Rekert, In Any Event Design


Granville Island Florist

Decor Company:
Sandy Godfree, Art of the Party

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